• Specializing in pipe cutting and drilling with machines dedicated for pipe laser processing!For welding/sheet metalworking with pipes, contact us!
  • Conducts total direction of manufacturing by integrated production ranging from design to assembly.ST-Link, professional welding/sheet metalworking
  • Deburring machine made by a sheet metal processor for sheet metal processors METAL-ESTE
  • We improve and propose dust collectors and local exhaust systems. We also manufacture and install original dust collectors.

About ST-Link Co., Ltd.

ST-Link Co., Ltd., is a metal processer/equipment manufacturer based in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. Our business includes the following:
Integral manufacturing ranging from the development of sheet metal/frame to welding/painting
Manufacturing/sales of our own deburring machine, METAL-ESTE
Integrated production of dust collectors including: planning -> designing -> manufacturing -> painting -> assembly -> installation, etc.

Our own deburring machine, the METAL-ESTE series, is used by many companies as a deburring machine made by a sheet metal processor for sheet metal processors.
While workpieces and manufacturing lots handled differ from customer to customer, we offer many models that suit various conditions.
Please contact us. We also provide consultation for your requests for changes in the specifications.

We conduct the integrated production of equipment such as dust collectors, including: planning -> designing -> manufacturing -> painting -> assembly -> installation. Because of our achievements toward better work environments, including increases in production efficiency and ease-of-use, as well as cost reductions, we are rated highly by many customers.

In sheet metalworking and can manufacturing, we can flexibly accept orders from small-lot production to mass production and can meet requests for short delivery periods. For sheet metalworking, please contact us. We also have machining centers and are capable of the production of products including machined items.
With many highly-skilled engineers, we are always making efforts to satisfy customers while emphasizing quality management.

We manufacture products for domestic use, as well as overseas use. Please feel free to contact us.

Laser processing, precision sheet metalworking, can manufacturing, and assembly – integrated production system ranging from order reception to delivery

We are a sheet metal processor with a design section.

Capable of manufacturing just using images, we are confident in our proposal and design capabilities!
ST-Link tries to exceed customer needs to provide more secure and reliable products.

We address a variety of needs.

With high-speed laser processing machines, pipe laser processing machines, multi-benders, many welding machines and painting equipment, we have an established integrated production system.
We can produce items from a single laser-machined product to large lots, ranging from precision parts to large-sized machines.

Laser-machined product and precision sheet metalworking – Examples of product machining

Laser processing, water jet machining, pipe processing

By using high-speed laser processing machines, it is possible to quickly machine large and small workpieces in various shapes and plate thicknesses at a high level of accuracy.
Because of the use of pipe laser processing machines, it is possible to perform complicated notch machining on steel pipes, square pipes, and angles.
We have also introduced a water-jet machine to address the machining of various materials other than iron and stainless steel.
In addition, a 3D laser-processing machine enables laser processing of three-dimensional objects and curved surfaces.
  • Laser processing (stainless steel, 1.0 t)

  • Pipe laser processing machine - cutting/drilling

  • Pipe laser processing machine - bending

Can manufacturing, bending, welded product

We specialize in stainless steel welding.
As stainless steel welding tends to produce a larger distortion compared to iron welding, high-level technique is required to make the distortion small.
In our company, by fixing a workpiece with a jig and performing welding by applying distortion in the reverse direction in advance, we keep welding distortion to the minimum.
As we have substantial expertise in the suppression and compensation of welding distortion, we can produce products that require high accuracy.
  • Multi-bender machining (stainless steel 1.0 t)

  • Stainless steel welding (diameter: 2000 mm)

  • Stainless steel welding – screw conveyor

We tried to manufacture objects like these!!

SUS pipe: diameter φ50 × thickness 1 mm

Dust collector – introduction of products

Leveraging our expertise in dust collector manufacturing accumulated over more than 30 years since our establishment, we propose dust collectors that meet customer demands and undertake projects from manufacturing to installation.
We not only design and manufacture dust collectors, we also manufacture accessory equipment such as duct hood covers and soundproof devices.
In consideration of factory layouts, we can also undertake the construction of air-conditioning equipment and lighting piping together with the manufacture of dust collectors.
If you have any problems with the environment inside your factory and dust dispersion, or you are not satisfied with the dust collection capability of your existing dust collector, please consult us.
  • Pulse jet dust collector, horizontal air discharge type: P, PF series

  • Pulse jet dust collector, top air discharge type: WP series

  • Pulse jet dust collector, high-pressure type: CP, VM series

Videos of ST-Link’s latest techniques

  • Introduced fiber laser welding machine!

  • Started handling of 3D welding fixture device!

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